Northshore Half- Course Segments Description

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If you haven’t ever run the Northshore Half Marathon in Mandeville, Louisiana but you are interested in a Fall kickoff half or a Louisiana race, then we have the one for you. Mandeville is a quaint town that seems untouched by the impacts of rapid growth metropolis areas and far from stress-packed world many of us live in everyday.

The race is, in and of itself, a stroll through the best bits of mellow Old Mandeville. The breakdown of the many layers of scenery and race segments experienced in the beautiful 13.1 miles of the Northshore Half are listed below.

Start to Mile 3

Runners begin with a 1.5 mile run out of Fountainbleau State Park, taking a left onto the highway. After a little more than a mile, runners take another left close to mile 3, into residential areas with rolling hills.

Mile 4 to 6 – Lakefront

Taking a left off Montgomery and onto Jackson Ave, the course descends a slight hill to Lakeshore Drive, one of the most scenic and memorable parts of the route.  Runners turn off off Lakeshore just before mile 6 and head into more oak-shaded residential areas.

Mile 6 to 7.5 – Scream Street

This area is well-known as a cheer zone, not just from spectators and volunteers though. The course passes back on itself and both runners coming and going can cheer for friends on the course.

Mile 7.5 to 9 – Old Mandeville

The course heads through Old Mandeville, with a quaint shopping and entertainment district, many runners find the miles continue to come easily as sponsors, cheer zones, and picturesque homes and businesses line the streets. Get your hands up for some high fives as you pass Varsity Sports on Claiborne around mile 8.5.

Mile 9 to 11.75 – Tammany Trace

Turning off of residential roads and onto the Tammany Trace path just past mile 9 means that runners are headed in to the finish on a super flat and fast segment of the course. The sun begins to rise over the tree line and runners know visors or sunglasses may be needed here!

Mile 11.75 to Finish – Home Stretch

Turning off of the Trace, runners are back in Fountainbleau and have approximately 1.5 miles to the finish. The ability to see virtually the entire last mile as you near the finish can be enticing to speed up, but it’s generally best to hold pace until coming around the last bend in the course.

Great crowd support, shady trees, Lake Pontchartrain in the distance, and the knowledge of food, drinks, massage, and friends awaiting you at the finish are enough to make the best home stretch in half marathons that much more bearable!


It’s worth emphasizing that the photos and descriptions can never really do this race justice, but ask any runner who has run this race and they will likely inform you of the charm and personality of the course, the spectators, and the fellow runners.

If you are so inclined to experience this for yourself, we can still get you registered. Just hit the Register button in the Navigation and well, you know the rest.

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