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The Northshore Half Marathon, formerly the Gulf Coast Half Marathon – Mandeville, has been bringing runners to Fountainbleau State Park for the past 7 years. Falling on the second Sunday in October, countless runner flock to the race as a kick off to their fall racing schedules.

The segment of the population found in the runners at the Northshore Half Marathon are those that value health, wellness, quality, fun, and friendships. The Northshore Half Marathon generally sees runners from 20-25 states around the nation as well as pulling major crowds from surrounding metropolitan areas.

Sponsors of the Northshore Half Marathon can gain exposure to local, regional, and national audiences. Our sponsors are exceptionally important to the race as representation of local producers of food and drink, of quality medical services, and of running enthusiast support, just to name a few.

If your company is interested in the Northshore Half Marathon as an avenue to broadcast your company to our runners, please email us at info@northshorehalfmarathon.com to discuss the available sponsorships.